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Science Week

Between 27th June – 1st July 2016 the whole school took part in Science and Engineering Week, and what a super week it was!

The theme for Science Week was ‘Journeys’ and each year group linked their work in different ways.  Following a visit to the Zoo, Foundation Stage went on a journey through their senses after receiving a new challenge each day from animals at the zoo.

Year One found out about the flowers of Great Britain. Year Two have been on two journeys: one journey took them around our school looking at habitats, the other was a journey in a boat. Year Three completed a safari vehicle challenge. Year Four followed the journey of water. Year Five explored electricity and Year Six completed ‘Mission Survival.’

Each morning children investigated new concepts; planning, discovering and observing through a variety of exciting experiments.  Afternoons were spent designing and making an array of wonderful creations!  At the end of the week, to celebrate everybody’s hard work, we all took part in a fun ‘Mad Scientist’ dress up day.

Well done to all of the children and staff involved in making Science and Engineering Week a very memorable time.