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Year 1

Year 1 all had a great time for their one-off session in the run up to Christmas.  Mrs Howard was keen for the children to all make a Christmas decoration which would encompass a number of skills and we came up with making a wooden Christmas tree!

As the weather was cold the activity had to be quick and simple so the children would have plenty of time for lots of warming physical activity in the Forest.  

The children chose the wood themselves which would be an appropriate thickness for the task, then they had to cut with the loppers and the help of an adult, 4 differing lengths. The longest and thickest for the trunk and 3 (short, middle sized and long) for the branches of the tree. They then had to sort the wood and gently hammer a nail into the middle of each branch onto the trunk.  Finally, the children cut a piece of string and tied it onto the tree with a simple over hand knot so it could be hung up back at home. 

The children also had plenty of time to play and explore the winter Forest and to, of course, enjoy a Christmas hot chocolate and marshmallows!