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Year 4

´╗┐Welcome to Class 4.

Class 4 is all about adventure and exploring, asking questions, learning from our mistakes and believing we can do anything we set out to. In Class 4 responsibility, leadership and expectations are all key and children will take ownership of their learning in order to drive it forward with determination and enthusiasm.  As the year progresses, I want the children to grow in confidence and self-esteem so they can strive and reach their full potential. Children will discover a whole range of themes as we venture through the year together. America is our first stop and here we look at the historic and geographic uniqueness of the ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. We find out about the struggles and the triumphs seen throughout American history and learn of the remarkable people that made America what it is today.  After this we journey to the ancient land of Egypt, uncover stories from the past and learn all about how this ancient civilization has shaped our way of living. Finally, we will encounter Italy and Class 4 will initially take a trip back in time to Roman life and see the influence the Romans had on life in Britain too. We then move through history stopping to take in the geographical impact felt by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and how life dramatically changed for Italians at this time.

This year will be full of hard work, perseverance, understanding and a lot of fun along the way!